Der Indienaustausch ist das größte Abenteuer meines bisherigen Lebens. Der Indienaustausch war ein unglaublich spannendes und lehrreiches Erlebniss, welches ich niemals vergessen werde! (Sarah Masala)


Der Indienaustausch war für mich eine sehr wichtige Lebenserfahrung. Ich hatte das Gefühl in eine neue Welt einzutauchen, mit Menschen, die andere Wertvorstellungen haben, anderen Gerüchen, Geschmäcker und unendliche vielen Schönheiten. Man kann einen solchen Austausch guten Gewissens an alle toleranten und neugierigen Schüler weiterempfehlen;) (Lena Borrmann)


... eine positive Erfahrung, die ich nur jedem wünschen kann und für mich nicht mehr wegzudenken ist. ... bunt, laut, heiß, geruchsvoll, eindrucksvoll, interessant, wahnsinn, super, einfach unendlich grandios (Annkathrin Swanson)



Indische Schüler:


"Such exchanges should be held more often as it is very helpful to the students!"


"The soccer is awesome and my host family was super sweet. I liked everything about Germany, as it happens to be my favourite country after India. My host family was wonderful, they are what I will most miss when I return to India. They treated me like their own son and certainly became a second family to me."


"The teachers at the Hellenstein-Gymnasium, however, were most friendly and tried their best to speak in English. The students were much freer in school, thanks to the respect the Germans give to independence!"

"Apart from all the excursions from school I liked staying with my host the best since they were extremely hospitable and comfortable people! It was amazing spending time with new people and get really close to them. I also liked the cleanliness even in the public toilets."


"By the end of the programme, we were so integrated into the German way of living that leaving the place seemed indeed a sentimental and difficult task. I certainly brought back a load of good memories of the trip, a camera full of pictures, a rucksack full of souvenirs and friends for life!!!"


"The least thing I liked here is going back home! The host family was so nice and friendly. I have almost become a part of their family now. And now I don’t feel like going away!"


"We want to come back!!!!!!"


"I am coming back after my studies to work at VOITH!"